Welcome to my site. This is just a place that I’m going to put things I find interesting, and will probably want to remember in the future.
A little bit about me:

Avid gamer and technology enthusiast. My first video game system was the classic Sega Genesis, and my interest in computers and programming was brought about by the map editing community in Star Craft. Found my way to IRC, and I’ve been hooked ever since.

The site will probably focus on three things:

  • Gaming. I’m on PC and XBox One. While I love being a member of the glorious PCMR, my friends have XBoxes, so I have one too.
  • Programming. My strongest languages are Python and C. I’m adept at ASM (x86 and x64), as well as some web stuff (Javascript, node.js, PHP, and SQL
  • Competitive Knitting. I’m very into the mid-west competitive scene. k2,yo,p2,ssk,yo,p1,k1,slip 1,k2,togk4,p1 for life!

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